Custom mobile application development services

The mobile app allows you to stay current, expand, and raise brand recognition. It broadens the target population, establishes better customer communication, and makes product presentation more convenient. It gives the firm a high degree of competitiveness and growth potential. Advertising expenses fall, consumer loyalty rises, and financial performance improves as a result.

The mobile application development process in Ashab Technology

The development of a mobile app entails a wide range of tasks, from analytics to app launch and maintenance, as well as developing updates and add-ons. All aspects of the development process must be examined. As a result, a team of specialists is a great option for a speedy and efficient launch.

When you work with Ashab Technology, you can always count on a trustworthy business partner. Our company’s mobile application development is a multi-tiered process, with each stage being overseen by a skilled tech specialist. As a result, the key phases of development are as follows:

App specification

It will provide developers with a clear grasp of the customer's desired outcome.

App Architecture

The specification is used to produce a list of use cases, the most efficient conversion path, and screen schemes.

App Development

The Agile approach is used to carry out the development process, which ensures that the process is transparent and controlled.

App Security

You must ensure the safety of your consumers before publishing a mobile app. To fend against potential assaults, the application must have several protection measures.


Each agile development concludes with problem fixes through automated and human testing. Expected values testing is carried out at the project's conclusion.

Release & Support

The developed mobile apps are published and made accessible for download on the leading online marketplaces.

We Provide Services For Mobile App Development.

The total domination of iOS and Android operating systems has emerged in the mobile app industry. The following concerns are prioritized while developing mobile applications for this and other operating systems:

a) Workplace dependability and stability, b) Delivery in a short time frame, c) Simple upkeep and delivery of updates.

Ashab Technology develops cross-platform or hybrid mobile applications for iOS and Android. This helps you to reach the widest possible audience while lowering development expenses substantially. If you’re unsure about which development services to hire, we’ll assist you by studying the market, the product you’re selling, and your target market, among other things.

Technologies We Use

To get efficient outcomes, we rely on modern, powerful technology. We counsel our clients about which technologies can favorably affect their business, based on our extensive expertise in mobile application development.


React Native



For Your Project, Hire A Team Of Experienced Mobile App Developers.

We give our customers the option of selecting the most appropriate payment method. We follow a pricing policy that is as open as possible. We also promise that there will be no surprises in the contract.

Outsourced Development

Beginning with

$ 15.50 /hourly
  • The hourly pricing is determined by how much time the developer has spent on your project.
  • Flexible interaction models
  • Suitable for short term tasks
  • Reliable developers

Staff augmentation and a larger team

Fixed Cost

$ 2480.00 /Month
  • Payment is done in line with the monthly fixed cost (8 hours/day, 160 hours/month).
  • Team that can grow as needed
  • Reduced costs of recruitment and training
  • Hand-picked technologists