Custom web application development services

Ashab Technology provides custom web application development services, that include architecture, development, and implementation. An expert team of front-end and back-end developers and different specialists works on the project, and also the consumer has the power to manage the whole development process.

How we do the web application development in Ashab Technology?

Project specification

The first step is to describe the problem you wish to tackle with a web application, and then collect relevant data.

Architecture Planning

For explaining the solution to target consumers, the design stage entails producing a wire-frame, or prototype.


We realize the application in code. We write clean and stable code, integrate it with the necessary services.


We create backups and other actions to fully protect the web applications from hacking and damage.


We carry out comprehensive product testing in an agile way - both from the side of the front-end and back-end.

Delivery & Maintenance

Delivery of the project, maintenance of the product based on feedback, new features implementation.

Services We Provide For Web Development

Ashab Technology offers a wide range of web development services, from single-page websites to multi-tier apps.
Understanding the client’s final goals and providing the most effective solutions for their execution by building intuitive and user-friendly web apps is one of our top priorities. Our services are the product of thorough absorption in the client’s business, significant knowledge, and a clear grasp of the duties.

Technologies We Use

To achieve effective performance, we rely on advanced, powerful technologies.







Hire Web App Developers For Your Project

We give our customers the option of selecting the most appropriate payment method.
We follow a pricing policy that is as open as possible. We also promise that there will be no surprises in the contract.

Outsourced Development

Beginning with

$ 15.50 /hourly
  • The hourly pricing is determined by how much time the developer has spent on your project.
  • Flexible interaction models
  • Suitable for short term tasks
  • Reliable developers

Staff augmentation and a larger team

Fixed Cost

$ 2480.00 /Month
  • Payment is done in line with the monthly fixed cost (8 hours/day, 160 hours/month).
  • Team that can grow as needed
  • Reduced costs of recruitment and training
  • Hand-picked technologists